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Our Prices

You've heard terms as competitive prices and market prices. We understand that competitive prices means we charge much as our competition. The market price is based upon client status and environmental conditions. In the House Cleaning business those in the upper middle income bracket is the class the Service community aims toward. Usually Higher income brackets hire personal maids or house servants. The lower income class is less likely to experience this helpful and healthy service having their homes professionally cleaned. This is a wonderful way to  treat and give yourself some time off.

It is very sad, many people feel guilty about allowing someone to clean for them. People that work long hours are forever wishing for the fairy god cleaner to drop-in and help out. It's only a dream.

    Sadiki Cleaning Service is here to give All,this Opportunity of a Cleaning Experience. Our Price and Promotional Discount System is the key. Our base price is twenty-cent ($0.20) per square foot. Which is competitive and works well on market value. To get your total area footage, takes simple mathematic (Area equal the total Length x the Width of a square room) thats your square footage.

    Our estimation includes other factors into the cost. These are a few of them; 1) Your support of Sadiki Cleaning Service; 2) Pets; 3) Area congestion; 4) Occupancy profile; 5) Time between servicing; 6) Travel time; 7) Use of environmental green cleaning products; 8) Using client products; 9) Special Services.

Our Discount Plans

We Offer four Seasonal Plans. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter (ten 10%) to twenty-five (25%) off based on early scheduling

Elderly Plan

We offer 60 years and over twenty-five percent off.

Monthly Routine

Once a month twenty (20%) off each visit.

Bi Monthly

Ten percent (10%) each visit

Weekly plan

Fifty-five percent (50%) off.

These are our Financial Plans. We try of accommodate All Perspective and Current Clients.

We are working on a Incentive Plan Which we call “Neighbor Referral Plan.” This plan can save you as much as seventy-five (75%) off your service bill

And Finally we have a Inspirational Plan which allows anyone that acquire an account for us can earn a commission of ten (10%) and bonuses as a Business Sales Agent. You grow as we grow and earn income as well. This separates us from other Cleaning Companies and many businesses

Our Quest and Belief In True Relationships with People is what drives us.

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